16 Pictures from ‘The Flash’ – Episode 1×02 – “Fastest Man Alive”

October 8th, 2014 | Posted by admin in Episodes | Pictures | The Flash

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  • TheShred

    Why is there a repeat already.

  • Alfonso Meriwether

    can some villain please kidnap and do away with that whiny, spoiled girl Iris. what does Barry see in her? Sure, she’s pretty, but she thinks her silly emotions trump world altering issues. who cares if she is upset that no one told her Barry is the Flash. what business is it of hers anyway? I wish the writers would give her something to do other than pout and cry about not being the most important thing in everyone elses’ lives. “Boo hoo, I ‘m not the center of attention.” gets old fast. If this were a horror movie, she would be a victim already. come on guys, give her something to play that makes her worthy of being the Flash’s true love.

  • Dylan McDonough

    I really don’t think they tied that up at the end they need to tell you if Barry stopped the worm hole or not I mean seriously we need a new episode and soon because if the writers don’t come up with something soon then I’m going t go crazy and make golden glider [captain colds sister] a little less of a whiny bitch I mean seriously she’s in 2 episodes and I hate how you make joe cry all the time and make Grodd more aggressive you writers should also add a new person every two episodes it gets boring.

  • Valaetia

    I’m seriously thinking Barry is just a selfish self centered wankster. Seriously! How many times can he emo jump to the past and screw things up? How about they focus on meta-humans instead of this soap opera whine-fest that’s dragged on for 3 SEASONS. I loved this show at first, now all I see is a selfish jerk who’s willing to hurt everyone just to get his way. Hello Millenial Flash, ffs, grow up.